NEW: Lawn & Garden Service!

We are now doing yearly yard maintenance and snow removal!

Going away to the cottage this summer, or to Florida for the winter? Busy with kids, camp, sports and school? Let the FGG team keep your treasured yard looking it’s best all year round.

Working With Wheelbarrow In The Garden

We now offer a custom lawn and garden service for the Greater Toronto Area keeping your garden manicured in the summer and snow-free in the winter.

Trimming Lawn

Some of our Maintenance Packages:

Service Basic Regular All-Inclusive
Lawn cutting
Trimming of borders and other hard-to-reach areas  
Mulching of clippings (to be used as a fertilizer)  
Sweeping of paved areas  
Leaf-blowing (where necessary)    
Minor pruning
Basic hedge and shrubbery maintenance
Upkeep of vines and ivy  
Flower bed maintenance (including trenching)
Bordering and edging (lawns and garden beds)  
Flower cultivation  
Disease monitoring (trees, shrubs, lawn)  
Insect infestation monitoring (trees, shrubs, lawns)  
Winter Service



Driveway Snow Removal  
Sidewalk Clearing  

Snow Blower


Our services include:

Lawn and Garden Maintenance: Whether you need a one off lawn trim and cleanup or regular assistance with your garden, the FGG team is there for you. We offer varying degrees of garden and lawn assistance, which means that you can be as involved as you like.

Garden and Yard Cleanup: We offer a full garden and yard cleanup service, including designated spring and fall cleanup packages designed to prepare your garden for the season ahead.

The Team


All our packages are customizable to your needs. Just give us a call and the FGG Landscaping Team will give you a free estimate.